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    2017 essential best anti-off software tools

    Extortion software “WannaCry” uses two NSA hacking tools leaked by Shadow Brokers, which can infect thousands of computers running Windows servers that are not patched. It seems that this Extortion software storm seems to be temporaril...
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    Why must install anti-virus software

    Today, I see the very respectable Keso also hold this argument, his original words are: “ordinary people really do not need any security software (Windows PC does not install any anti-virus software and firewall really no problem?)”. W...
  • Best-Internet-Security-Software

    Be mindful of subtitle data files – they may be laptop or computer viruses

    Check Point (world-renowned service provider of security alternatives) Researchers have revealed a brand new Internet attack that threatens millions of end users around the world: subtitling attacks. The user’s device is infected by download...