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How to prevent fishing WiFi, protection phone personal information tutorial

When you travel on the outside, the most worrying is that the phone is connected wifi is fishing wifi, right? Hackers is use what method from the free wifi can know our information? Here let me talk about free wifi is how hackers break and teach you how to prevent fishing WiFi it, take a look, hope that we will help.

How to hackers break free wifi:

DNS hijacking

DNS (Domain Name System) is a distributed database that translates domain names into IP addresses.

An IP address is a string of meaningless numbers and is a protocol designed for computer interconnection. The domain name is closer to the natural language, easy to remember and communicate, for the exchange between people. And let the domain name and IP address to establish a mapping relationship, is the DNS.

Simply put, when you enter in the browser address bar and press the Enter key, DNS will automatically convert to an IP address such as

And DNS hijacking is mandatory to modify the mapping, the site of the domain name to visit the original IP address to hackers own IP address, and forged this visit site. So users visit web, even if the domain name is correct, will open the forged fake website, and their account password all sent to hackers. In addition, hackers may also pass the 302 jump way to achieve the same result.

This is like, all the FedEx in the city of New York need to go through the New York City FedEx headquarters for transit, and a group of robbers will be hijacked by FedEx headquarters, forcing all courier’s delivery address into the bandits home. In this way, all the courier are owned by the robbers.

ARP attack

Even if DNS is not hijacked, the domain name is successfully converted to an IP address (a string of virtual numbers), and then it is still necessary to switch from the IP address to the server’s MAC address (a real computer). So that the message sent by the user can be received and processed by the server.

ARP attack, this is forced to modify the mapping within the LAN, all the IP address of the corresponding MAC address, through the radio to hackers own computer’s MAC address, and forged fake website. Similarly, users visit web, even if the domain name and the corresponding IP address is correct, because the last sent to the MAC address is wrong, can only open the hackers carefully forged fake website.

Also to FedEx as an example, although robber not hijacking FedEx headquarters, but the bad guys are disguised as recipient X, call customer service said, “I was X, send the address changed!” In this way, So the courier will be sent to the robbers there.

Forged WiFi

Many people love to use Starbucks wireless, and sometimes will find two “Starbucks” WiFi, this time we should be careful, it is likely that one of the hackers set their own WiFi. When you connect this WiFi, you can also access the Internet, but all the Internet data will be through the hacker’s server, hackers can easily view your account password.

How to guard against fishing WiFi:

1. Do not use unfamiliar wifi

There is no verify that the public WiFi risk factor that does not require a password is high and there may be a fishing trap behind it. And now help users to use public wifi APP more and more, once the user automatically connected to the fishing WiFi, resulting in property damage, it may be really lost.

2. Try to use the data network

In the absolute security of the WiFi, the important operations such as online shopping, it is best to turn off WiFi, through the data network to protect the property security. If you can not achieve all the behavior of the use of data networks, at least in important acts such as online shopping payment, financial management, mail and other operations to switch to the data network.

3. Watch out for the same name as WiFi

Found a number of re-name WiFi, be particularly vigilant. Many hackers in Starbucks, McDonald’s and other places where we love free wifi, set up their own name of a WiFi, we may be accidentally connected to the hackers to the WiFi.

4. Use professional security software to test the network environment

Use the phone security software. Android-based equipment are more and more being targeted by hackers. So, mobile phone security has grown to be an indispensable a part of everyday everyday living. Many mobile phone security software on the market have network detection function, can effectively detect DNS hijacking and ARP attacks and other issues.

BullGuard Cellular Protection employs a cloud-based Antivirus engine. You receive instantaneous defense, This technology minimizes the time it takes to scan your entire device. It can also protect your data from loss.

You can also back data it up on BullGuard servers, for transfer to another device of your choosing. There is also a built-in location tracker that enables you to identify, from the Web dashboard, precisely where your phone is. In short, it is industry leading.

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5. Turn off the automatic connection WiFi function

When found a name of the same WiFi, many mobile phones have automatic connection function, it is recommended that you still turn off this feature, so as not to be hackers to use, so that the phone automatically connected to unsafe WiFi.

George Ford

Be careful, hackers will steal your information. Any online behavior need to be cautious, of course, you have Bull Guard on what are not afraid of it!

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