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Why must install anti-virus software

Today, I see the very respectable Keso also hold this argument, his original words are: “ordinary people really do not need any security software (Windows PC does not install any anti-virus software and firewall really no problem?)”. Well, it seems that the problem really need to talk about: an ordinary computer users, really do not need anti-virus software?

Win system comes with anti-virus software

In addition, before the discussion need to explain that, in fact, after Vista SP2, the system has come with the basic security software: Microsoft antivirus and windows firewall. Microsoft antivirus official name is not this, windows defender, MSE, live onecare and AntiSpyware are all its name. In order to facilitate everyone, all called “Microsoft antivirus.”

So, if you use the system above Vista SP2, do not say anything “I do not need anti-virus software.” Since Microsoft comes with anti-virus software in the system, which from a certain point of view, Microsoft spent so much money, put so much manpower, windows is the need security software. Do you think Gates is clever, or that people who do not need anti-virus software are smarter?

The way through which the virus invades your computer

Before the popularity of security knowledge, I first popularize is the virus is how to invade the user’s computer. Need to point out that I said here that the virus, including the virus, worm, trojan, spyware and so on.

From the data of the past few years, the absolute number of virus and worm is not much, but in some computers, still appear, especially in some enterprise LAN, if not installed anti-virus software, some old Worm can be difficult to network management. Antivirus software in this situation, is a tool to reduce trouble.

An example of a simple invasion

The simplest example: hackers attack a small flow of the site (such as Tsinghua University, a site server), in the page implanted Trojan, when a user to visit the site, the Trojan automatically invade the user Computer. At this point, your computer is open to hackers, what is your computer have anything, hackers can steal everything.

Look at this example, you will find the entire attack process need two conditions:

1, your computer must have loopholes, whether this loophole is a browser vulnerability (IE, Chrome), or office vulnerabilities, or system vulnerabilities, the Trojan can pass through the vulnerability.

2, you visited a hacked attack with a Trojan site.

Even if you know all the bad sites, you can not know how many school sites are placed in Trojans every day, and no longer visit these sites.

There are too many hacking sites, and many are well known. Education sites, government sites are linked to a lot of Trojans. so I do not think those who do not need anti-virus software Than the administrator of these sites powerful.

If you install BullGuard Best Internet Security Review, it will make up for both of these conditions, such as through malicious Web site protection (every day to upgrade a URL library, when you visit Malicious website to jump out to warn you), through the website Trojan protection (in Virus library known as the Trojan, when trying to invade the real-time interception), through active defense (when the Trojan attempt to carry out sensitive action, write the registry, write memory, write the system sensitive area to stop). Although it can not completely avoid such cyberspace invasion, but at least you can greatly improve your computer when the face of the Trojan horse defense capabilities.

Why do you think no virus?


Before writing this article, there are many friends told me: I did not install anti-virus software for a long time! Never poisoned! The The Looking at his happy look, I can feel through the computer screen. In this regard, I must not agree. Do you think there is no virus really no virus?

In the black market, Broiler is sold 3 dollars … … even if your ID information has been sold, maybe you still do not know. why? Because now the computer in the Trojan, hackers secretly control your computer, you do not know. Maybe hackers have stolen your identity information, you still said: “I do not install anti-virus software, do not let the antivirus company to make money.”

Must be clear that: the real powerful Trojan invasion, after the success is always very quiet. This also confirms why you think no virus, not no virus, Instead after poisoning do not let you know, Trojan in your computer to survive the longer, the greater the economic value.

Antivirus software is not a panacea, no anti-virus software is absolutely not

Many people in the search “the world’s most powerful anti-virus software,” “antivirus software in 2013 list”, it was also asked “hackers in what anti-virus software”, no matter how they ask, in fact the core Request is one: what antivirus software Strong, what antivirus software best, what anti-virus software should I use?

In fact, I will tell you the truth: the world is no “strongest anti-virus software”. Because the anti-virus software over a certain limit, its occupation of resources, the normal file manslaughter will be high to the normal user can not stand the extent. You see Kaspersky, There are many side effects, Card machine, accounting for memory, error judgments and so on.

For ordinary users, my advice is: select BullGuard Antivirus, it’s consistently receives high rankings from independent testing labs. BullGuard always scores highly, outstripping antivirus software from other organisations. This is due to innovative layered protection that stops all types of malware, whether it is known malware or new types of attacks that have just surfaced. You also receive free support and a customisable spam filter unique to BullGuard Antivirus. This aids to block the email messages you don’t want to get.

To sum up, Antivirus software is not a panacea, no anti-virus software is absolutely not. If you choose not to install any anti-virus software, It would be a very risky network survival model.

George Ford

Be careful, hackers will steal your information. Any online behavior need to be cautious, of course, you have Bull Guard on what are not afraid of it!

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